KARACHI: Former President of Pakistan ,Asif Ai Zardari has asked Sindh Government to establish Thar Arid University and promote solar energy based cottage industry in desert areas of the Tharparkar district.

Special Assistant to Chief Minister for Minority Affairs Dr. Khatu Mal Jeewan who called on him at Bilawal House, Karachi, presented the schemes of University and Cottage industry in Thar.

On the request of Dr. Khatu Mal Jeewan, PPPP President, Asif Zardari issued directives for initiation of process to establish Thar Arid University, which shall produce quality professionals besides conducting research for economic development through exploring agriculture, livestock and forest potentials of the desert.

He also directed Sindh Government to weigh the idea of local cottage industry based on solar energy to provide employment opportunities to the people of Thar at their door- step.

Former President said that PPP government in Sindh was taking special interest in development of Thar and extra funds have been provided during last nine years for various development projects. theDailyTimes



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