Islamabad: March 17, 2017: The PPP today demanded that the proposed Riwaj Act and the regulation to set up Local Bodies in the tribal areas in the recently announced Reforms Package be placed before the Parliament for discussion before the President signed any regulation in this regard.

Speaking on an issue of public importance in the Senate today Senator Farhatullah Babar said that keeping the Riwaj Act and LB law secret from the public and the Parliament raised serious questions about the law replacing the notorious FCR in tribal areas as promised in the Reforms Package.

It will be a disastrous step backward if it turns out that the Riwaj Act was even more regressive that the notorious FCR he said.

He said that the President must not sign these regulations merely on the advice of bureaucracy alone without it being discussed in the Parliament.

Likewise the Parliament should be taken on board as to how the local bodies governments will be set up in tribal areas, the powers and responsibilities of these bodies and the mode of election and whether these will be held in all agencies simultaneously or in a staggered manner and how.

He also demanded to know how the government proposed to extend the jurisdiction of superior courts to FATA as promised in the Reforms Package and the time line for it.

The silence of the government on these issues is deafening and gives rise to doubts that the reforms package is more of publicity stunt rather than serious effort to mainstream the tribal areas.



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