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Shaheed ZulfiqarAli Butto

Pakistan Peoples Party an Introduction

General Elections were held on March 7, 1977. PPP emerged as the victorious Party. At the behest of General Ziaul Haq, PNA accused government of so-called rigging in the elections. Negotiations with PNA resumed. An Agreement was reached on June 8, 1977 for holding Fresh Elections on October 8, 1977.
On July 5, 1977 COAS General Ziaul Haq imposed Martial Law unilaterally. The National Assembly, the Senate and Provincial Assemblies were dissolved and Constitution held in abeyance.
Zia’s Military Junta established a dummy government of PNA with CMLA as President. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto arrested on July, 5, 1977 and released on July 28, 1977.


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Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

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Among the express goals for which the party was formed were the establishment of an “egalitarian democracy”


Makhdoom Muhammad Ameen Faheem

Amin Fahim; 4 August 1939 – 21 November 2015) was a Pakistani populist left-wing figure and a poet.[1] He was the senior vice-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party, Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians and Former Chairman of Alliance for Restoration of Democracy. Earning Bachelor of Science in political science from the University of Sindh in 1961, he started his political activism in 1970 and contested successfully in the 1970 general elections and was a close ally of Benazir Bhutto during the 1990s. He is the spiritual figure of the Sarvari Jama’at[citation needed] as well as the prominent sufist in his native province, Sindh. After successfully contesting in the 2008 general elections,

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Makhdoom Amin Fahim elected as President and Raja Pervez Ashraf as Secretary General. Islamabad August 5, 2002: A spokesman of the Pakistan peoples Party has issued the following statement today.

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